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The novel NCS technology

Our innovative NCS technology is a special method for the production of highly bioavailable phytocomplexes. "NCS" stands for "Nutri-Carrier System". Important ingredients such as melatonin, R-alpha lipoic acid or curcumin (nutrients) are incorporated into the "transporters" (carriers) and, after being introduced into the water, are transferred into a nanoemulsion so that they can be easily transported to the site of action.

Maximum bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to the proportion of an active ingredient that is available unchanged at the site of action after ingestion. In the case of poorly soluble substances in conventional dosage forms such as capsules or tablets, this proportion is often relatively low. By contrast, active ingredients in products that use NCS technology can be transported with virtually no loss, thus guaranteeing a maximum bioavailability!

How NCS technology works

The most important part: nano-emulsion. When the active ingredients of our phytocomplexes come into contact with water, the system forms very finely divided vesicles that transport the dissolved phytochemicals to the site of action with virtually no loss.

Effective after a few minutes

Thanks to our NCS technology, the body does not have to break down the valuable ingredients in a lengthy and time-consuming process. So you can benefit from our essences as quickly as possible!

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