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Everyone has heard of it and many people have taken it: CBD, cannabidiol. As one of the ingredients of the hemp plant that has no hallucinogenic (intoxicating) effect, CBD is widely used today as an oil. Cannabis and its extracts have been valued in medicine for thousands of years.

In 2017, medical cannabis was approved as an anesthetic in pain therapy in Germany. Since then, a sober view has increasingly been taken, away from the prejudices surrounding the "spectre" of cannabis. CBD, often offered as oil, is experiencing a "boom". Many users report the high potential of CBD and can gain positive impressions. A legalization of cannabis is getting closer and the government has drafted a bill for this and a key point paper has been presented. Lately, one can get the impression that legalization is stalling. One could think that some players do not want to legalize cannabis, nor do they want to find CBD oil on the market. A court decision of the VG Cologne decrees that all CBD oils, which were previously approved as food supplements (NEM), require approval as medicinal products.

Manufacturers are now forced to register their products, for example, as cosmetics, which means that they may no longer be used internally (in our case, the mouthwash oil may not be swallowed).

There is a large number of manufacturers and various forms of presentation, where you can find something for every taste.

For the production of CBD, useful plants from the cannabis family are used. In Germany, CBD oils are allowed to contain a maximum THC content of less than 0.2%. Therefore, one uses, among other things, specially bred plants with a very high CBD and very low THC content.

Attention: Please do not confuse CBD oil with hemp oil! Hemp oil is pressed from hemp seeds and is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It can be used very well for salad dressings. Some manufacturers also take it as a base for CBD oils and concentrate it with pure CBD to the desired percentage. However, most manufacturers take MCT oil to achieve a relatively neutral taste.

Our products were originally on the market as food supplements for consumption. After the decision of the Administrative Court of Cologne (see above under "Excursus on CBD oil"), we decided to re-declare the products as cosmetics. Due to the high purity of the raw materials (which meet the standard for food production) this was no problem. Now they are available as mouthwash oil essence. They are applied in the oral cavity, where their antimicrobial, antioxidant properties ensure optimal oral hygiene.

As stated above, this is a cosmetic and should not be swallowed for this reason.

Do not panic. We use only high quality and tested ingredients. From long experience, when our products were not cosmetics, we can say that it is absolutely unproblematic (see also "What is a CBD mouthwash oil?"). For approval as a cosmetic, we had to change the texts on the packaging and bottle, the content is identical.

From our CBD mouthwash oils, depending on the product, drop 0.25 or 0.5ml (half or one pipette full) into half a glass of water (75ml). Then you should stir well to make an emulsion (small liquid droplets dissolved in a liquid, such as milk). Then rinse your mouth with the prepared mouthwash for at least 1 minute. Make a ritual out of it, perhaps listening to a song while doing so and at the same time applying the mouthwash for the duration of the song or lyrics. As already mentioned, if you accidentally swallow some of the mouthwash solution, it is NOT harmful!

CBD oils from Rheinessenz are developed with NCS technology. Thanks to this technology we are able to produce very stable combinations with CBD and other substances.

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A plus for well-being

rethink with NCS technology

By using the innovative NCS technology (Nutri-Carrier System) of our products, the substances that are supposed to prevent bacteria and germs from growing, among other things, can reach the oral cavity, the teeth and gums, and the interdental spaces in an optimally finely distributed manner. The focus here is on the so-called nano-emulsion: The important ingredients of the products are enclosed in tiny vesicles, so-called nano-emulsion droplets, and can thus develop their care in a more targeted and finely divided manner.

Theoretical effectiveness of the active substances

with NCS technology




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Rheinessenz offers avaluable contribution to daily oral health

Why the products from RHEINESSENZ?

Our Rheinessenz-oil concentrates score particularly well with the use of hemp extract, i.e. secondary plant ingredients that have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. In this way, a valuable contribution to daily oral health can be obtained. Furthermore, all ingredients of our essences are of natural origin. Regional production is also important to us, which is why our concentrates are produced exclusively in Germany.

But all these advantages are subordinated to one point: With our cosmetic mouthwash oil concentrates, YOU are the focus. Because it is your life that we want to make more positive. Your well-being is our motivation!


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