Vaay-CBD? - So Rheinessenz is ahead of the game!

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is becoming increasingly popular as a natural health supplement. Among the many different CBD suppliers on the market, Vaay stands out, offering various CBD products. Surely, these also offer some advantages, but we are 100% sure: Vaay cannot compete with the Rheinessenz products. Why is that? Let us explain it to you!

More than just a Vaay alternative thanks to NCS technology

To make it easier for the human body to absorb important active ingredients, we have developed the innovative NCS technology. NCS stands for Nutrient Carrier System and describes our special way of delivering each active ingredient to the body equally effectively.

The active ingredients usually differ significantly in their solubility. Water-soluble substances are best absorbed by the body, but fats and fat-soluble substances are more difficult. In order to achieve the greatest possible effects, various dosage forms have been developed, e.g. liposomes or micelles. However, liposomal and micellar dosage forms are very unstable in their structure, cannot be stirred into water and only very little ingredient (max. 4%) is absorbed into the system.

Vaay can also not develop the full potential of the active ingredients used. With us, however, it looks different!

This is how bioavailability works

Unlike the Vaay CBD products, the Rheinessenz products use the nano-emulsion principle. As soon as the preparation comes into contact with water, a self-emulsifying effect occurs in which the active substances are enclosed in tiny vesicles, so-called nano-emulsion droplets. In this way, the substance can then be transported almost loss-free to the site of action in the body.

The max. 4% for liposomes or micelles thus becomes an incredible 95% bioavailability with which we can make CBD, melatonin, curcumin, R-alpha lipoic acid, etc. available to the body. Another comparison: Curcumin, for example, in capsule form can only be absorbed by the body to a maximum of 0.4%. So thanks to our innovative NCS technology, it takes significantly fewer ingredients than Vaay and Co. to achieve a positive effect.

Rheinessenz against VAAY

Faster and more effective than Vaay-CBD

Thanks to nano-emulsion, the active ingredients in the Rheinessenz products also work much faster and more effectively than products from Vaay and Co. So you can benefit from curcumin, melatonin and CBD after a short time. Especially the latter works much more efficiently than the competition. Although RHEINHANF is "only" loaded with 15% CBD, it floods the body much stronger than, for example, the 30% CBD oil from Vaay, thanks to the extremely high bioavailability of 95%. Generally, conventional CBD oils are absorbed at a maximum of 18%.

By the way, due to the formation of the nanoparticles, an irritation of the oral mucosa is excluded with the CBD products from Rheinessenz . In addition, they are 100% compatible, convince with a pleasant taste and contribute to better hydration of the body by stirring in water.

Who needs Night Spray?

The Rheinessenz product range covers a wide range of application areas in which we are always several lengths ahead of the competition thanks to NCS technology. For example, forget the Vaay Night Spray with melatonin and trust instead in the effect of RHEINTRÄUMEour effective CBD oil with melatonin, which makes it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep thanks to its 95% bioavailability.

By the way, our products like RHEINTRÄUME, RHEINVITAL and RHEINSPORT can also be combined with our high-dose CBD-oil RHEINHANF to further enhance the CBD effect.

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Vaay discount code wanted? We offer more!

Are you looking for a discount code to get an extra discount on Vaay products? We say: It's not worth it! With us, you get much more effect for your money anyway, thanks to NCS technology. We promise 95% bioavailability and thus the full potential of CBD, melatonin, curcumin, R-alpha lipoic acid and much more in the future!

And that's not all: To facilitate your entry into our product world, you will receive a 20% discount on your next Rheinessenz order with the code RHEIN20. So secure your new life with Rheinessenz now and trust in the innovative NCS technology. No Vaay discount code can compete with that!

Discover our alternative to Vaay-CBD and bet now on Rheinessenz!


Discover the NCS products from Rheinessenz and leave Vaay on the left!

The CBD oils from Rheinessenz score with 95% bioavailability thanks to NCS technology. Vaay and Co. can't keep up with that!